UFO Text Files and Reports

Abduction  Procedures

Abductions and Demonic Possessions: Similarities

Aerial Anomalies International

AIDS As Biological & Psychological Warfare

The Aids / Polio Vaccine Conspiracy Theory

Alaskan Research Station Hosts Open House

Aliens Among Us

Aliens Among Us Hypnotic Regression Revisited

Aliens Invade, Government Panics

Alien Abduction Protection Part 1

Alien Abduction Protection Part 2

Alien Abduction Protection Part 3

Alien Abduction Protection Part 4

Alien Abductions in the Gingerbread House

Alien Descriptions and UFO Topics

Aliens (EBEs) - A Compilation of the Reports of Visitors

Alien Encyclopedia

Alien Visitors Restore Ghost Town's Spirits

Alien Moon Base

An Analysis of the GRUDGE 13 Report

Antigravity has been around for a long time

An Alien Harvest

Annapolis Bay Bridge Sightings


Antigravity - John.R.R.Searl

Area 51 Frequently Asked Questions

AREA 51' Really Does Exist, But Still , Nobody's Talking

Area-51 Frequencies Nellis AFB/Area-51/Dreamland

Army Tells What Flying Saucers Are Not

Are UFOs Created By Humans?

Apollo 11 & UFO'S

Apollo Program UFO Sighting From 1960's Comes to Light

Are There Crashed UFO's

Army Experts Puzzled

Army Publicist Efforts to Expose Military UFO Knowledge

Astronauts Truth About UFOs

Aurora ??

Aurora Files In Scotland

Aurora Mach 8

Aurora New US Spy Plane

Autos Stopped by UFOs

The Battle for Your Mind

Belgian UFO Mysteries

Betty Hill

Blue Book Records

Box-Shaped UFO's

Canadian Government Archives

Casualties of a Cosmic War

Chicago UFO Conference

Chicago UFO Conference - Mars Probes

China UFO Sighting Report

CIA's Fears about Public UFO Sightings

Close Encounter With Dr. J Allen Hynek

Close Encounter on Interstate 84

The Communion Letter

THE CONTROLLERS: A New Hypothesis of Alien Abduction 1

THE CONTROLLERS: A New Hypothesis of Alien Abduction 2

THE CONTROLLERS: A New Hypothesis of Alien Abduction 3

THE CONTROLLERS: A New Hypothesis of Alien Abduction 4

Creature On Ilikley Moor

A Crop Circle Hoax

The Crucible

Cruising the Extraterrestrial Highway

CUFOS on The Gulf Breeze Case

Cult Mind-Control

Current Whereabouts of the USS Eldridge

Cybernetics and UFOs

Dead Men Tell No Tales

Desert Secrets UFO Fans Descend Upon ET Highway

Did Jackie Gleason View UFO Bodies?

Disney & UFOs

Disney Alien Encounter Show

Doty Data

Richard C Doty

Richard C Doty 2

Do UFO'S Exist

Draconian Sub Space Transmission?

Who are the Draconians?

Dreamland in the Rockies

Evidence For Military Kidnappings Of Alleged UFO Abductees

E.T Could Phone Home From Here - AREA 51

Extra-Terrestrial Exposure Law

Farmer's Tales Of Space Travel

Fatima Thought Forms

Fire Fighters UFO Manual

Flying Saucers and the Bible

Freedom of Information Act

Follow the Trail!

Former Intelligence Agent Report

Gene Wars?


The Grand Conspirator

The Government and the Greys

A Short Profile of the Greys

Gordon Interviewed by ParaNet

Government Cover Stories "lying by the book"

Government Involvement in UFO Cover Up

Government Officials Truth About UFOs

Government Releases Old Story

Government Scientist Goes Public

Government Secrecy

A Trip to Groom Lake

Return to Groom Lake

Growing Concern about Mis-Information

Gulf Breeze Summary

Open Letter to Citizens of Gulf Breeze

Grudge 13 Text

Hangar 18

HAARP - Citizens project or Government Project?

Human Rights

I know the Secret of the Flying Saucers

Implications of Discovery of Extraterrestrials


Inside The Shadow CIA

Interview with Bob Lazar, Area 51, and more

Introduction To The HAARP Conspiracy

Intruders Book Review

Inspector General of Air Force order of 1959

Just Cause Number 17

Kenneth Arnold, the First UFO Sighting

Introduction to the Krill Reports

The Krill Reports, part 1

The Krill Reports, part 2

The Krill Reports, part 3

The Krill Reports, part 4

John Lear Part 1

John Lear Part 2

John Lear Part 3

John Lear on Aliens

A Letter from John Lear

Life Beyond the Earth

Life's True Beginnings

Life on other Planets

Lights in the Phoenix Sky

List Of UFO Bodies Allegedly In The Possession Of The United States Gov

Mach 8 Aircraft

Many Spot Alien Boomerang

Majestic 12 Documents

Majestic 12 and Related Operations

Mars Space Probe / Search For UFO?

Militarizing The Ionosphere

An MJ-12 Informant

The MJ12 Affair - The Crucible

Men In Black

The Message of Cydonia

Military Officials Truth About UFOs

Mind Control Slavery and the New World Order

Moon Sighting

My Brother the Debunker

My Experience of UFOs

Mystery contact may be Aurora

NAPA Valley Communications Center

Navy Bombers Disappear

The New Project Blue Book

Ontario Canada UFO History

Operation Majority

Oprah's Interview With The Moon Five

Overview of UFO Review Related Data

The Phobos II Incident Hostile Aliens Based On Mars

Physics of Element Creation

Possible Biblical Accounts of an Alien Race

Possible Unauthorized Release of Classified Material

Rachel Nevada, Encounters of the Tourist Kind

Response to Freedom of Information Request

Response to Inside UFOlogy

The Rockefeller - UFO Connection: An Alien Conspiracy?

Ronald Reagans Space Invaders

Scalar Electromagnetics and Weather Control

The Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence (S E T I)

Secret Advanced Military Vehicles

Secret Societies - New World Order

Secret Treaty. The U.S. Government and Extraterrestrial Entities

Secret UFO Landings

Senator Barry Goldwater on UFOs, on Larry King

Sighting At Air Show UK

Sighting In Horncastle

Sightings By Japanese Fighters

Six Soldiers Arrested Believe in UFOs

Soldiers Charged with Desertion

South African UFO Crash

Space Aliens Helped Moses Part The Red Sea

Speiser's Best Book Picks

Stanton T Friedman

Star Systems

Stealth  and Beyond

STS-48 Shuttle Mission UFO

Survey of Scientific Community

Survey of what Ufologists believe in

Sydney Australia UFO Report

Travis Walton Fact Sheet

The Ten Most Compelling UFO Cases in History

Top Secret Majic Project Grudge/Aquarius

Two UFOs in Toronto

UFO Sightings by Astronauts

U-Boat Out of Time

UFO Predators Strike In Beef

UFO Repair Manual

UFOs A True Account

UFO Bible Connection

U.S. F16 Shoots Down UFO Over Saudi Desert

UFO Campaign Launched

UFORIC Obtains Rare UFO Lecture Audio

UFOs and The U.S. Government

UFO Contact Central International Meeting 1988

UFO Over NASA Station

UFO Crash at Southaven Park

UFO Research Facts

UFO Statistics for 1947

UFOs And Security

The Underground Empire

Underground Hangers At Kelly AFB

Underground Vault System At WPAFB Where Alien Artifacts Were Kept?

Uninvited Guests - Richard Hall

The Uni-Versal (Or Unified-Diversal)Reality

Unmasking the Grand Deception

Update Situation Report for 1988

Walters Case

Warships Shot Down UFO

What Does Our Gov. Know about UFOs

When Pilots See UFOs

A Lecture by William Cooper

Witnesses Report Seeing Aliens at U.S. Bases

Wright Patterson AFB: Whats Going On Out There?

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